Second wave triggers spike in painful fibromyalgia cases | India News – Times of India (

A shocking number of people are developing fibromyalgia following the recent second wave sweeping India.


It is going to need enormous resources just to help those who contract the virus survive. The consequential effects left in this pandemic’s path have yet to be addressed.


When considering fibromyalgia as possible diagnosis from Covid-19 It is important  that all possible alternative causes for the reported symptoms are investigated.


If a the diagnosis ends up being Covid-19induced fibromyalgia, the first step to a better life is-¬† “Acceptance” that your life has changed. That is a complex and a difficult process in itself.


The “journey” to acceptance is an integral part of in the 4 people¬† featured taking the, online digital program.


We hope this digital supported self- management program may be of help those surviving Covid-19 only to find that their lives have blighted and transformed by this awful disease.