Pain pathways & emotions

The animations explain the complex interaction between pain transmission and how it links with our emotions.

Video 1 - Acute Pain Pathway (Sample)

The animation explains the “Normal Pain” pain pathway. It discusses how injury and trauma generate electrical nerve signals and how these are transmitted and processed in the spinal cord and brain. It shows how the electrical signals are converted to the sensation we call pain. It also shows how these signals link to our emotion.

Video 2 - Chronic Pain Pathway (Sample)

The animation explains that the chronic pain state is not just “Normal Pain” that goes on for longer.

It explains how nerve transmission and processing changes in the pain pathway in chronic pain. It talks about how these changes link to our emotions and how this in turn can lead to fear, anxiety, depression and poor sleep.

It also shows how by addressing the emotional side of things, how we can bring positive changes and even reduce pain nerve transmission.

Video 3 - Fibromyalgia (Sample)

The animation explains how in Fibromyalgia, normal sensation becomes altered so any part of the body including the arms, legs,  facial area, head and internal organs can cause pain.