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This is a really good article summarising the risk factors and issues which arise with having a stroke.

So often, the focus when someone has a stroke in on the physical disabilities which ensue. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of stroke sufferers also encounter chronic pain in the aftermath. It is often referred to as  Central Post- Stroke.

Central Post- Stroke Pain stems from disruption to the sensory and pain neurons in the brain where the stroke occurred. These neurons stop working properly leading to the individual experiencing a myriad of painful sensations anywhere in the body.

Patients often say,  “they can learn to live with the disability but it’s the constant pain they can’t cope with“.

Pain is the hidden menace in Stroke which all too often is forgotten. Unfortunately, many of the tablets used for treating chronic pain have little impact on Central Post-Stroke pain.

We believe a program such as, can help sufferers who develop this condition.