fibromyalgia awareness Day logo
Today at we mark National Fibromyalgia awareness day.
Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterised by chronic pain throughout the body.
Symptoms include fatigue, skin sensitivity, insomnia. It is also often associated with migraine headache and irritable syndrome. It is also invariably and inevitably linked with anxiety, low mood and depression.
There is increasing evidence that it is be caused by abnormal central processing mechanisms in the thalamic part of the brain
Sufferers still remain misdiagnosis, under diagnosed or simply disbelieved often for years
There are no known cure for this condition and many of the tablets often exacerbate the symptoms of fatigue and somnolence.
National fibromyalgia awareness day was initially commemorated in 1992 in honour of Florence Nightingale‘s birthday which is the 12th of May.
On the 12th of May, take time to learn about this condition. It is symbolised with the ribbon shown.