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Mindfulness Helps MS Patients Cope With Symptoms, Study Suggests (

This article reports on the benefits of a mindfulness based program to help sufferers of multiple sclerosis deal with their day to day lives. It reviews past studies related to MS and mindfulness based programs (MBIs) published in the Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation

The study stated that online mindfulness programs were equally as effective as face-to-face sessions.

The article states that overall,

“Perceived benefits were related to taking perspective and changing habits with common MS symptoms such as stress, pain, sleep disturbances, and anger.”

At we offer an onlineĀ  mindfulness based program directed specifically to managing chronic pain better.

There are 8 modules and different mindfulness exercises in each session delivered by a team of highly experienced pain experts comprising of a physician pain specialist and two pain psychologists.

The study said that delivering MBIs for Patients with MS should be knowledgeable about the condition; participants describe how the instructor has a key role in helping them practice mindfulness effectively in the context of unpleasant experiences associated with MS.

On this point, we can say that our psychologists have many years of experience in delivering mindfulness sessions for patients with chronic pain.

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