Mindfulness Isn’t Enough | Psychology Today Canada

I really like this article as it really puts into perspective the value of mindfulness when addressing as struggle you may be facing in your life.

It is only one element (albeit an especially important one)  in the toolkit to cope with whatever “Your struggle” may be.

The article reviews how very few apps (only 2%) that profess to addressing mental health issues, actually bring anything else to the user other than mindfulness.

It also discusses the importance of “homework exercises”  which should accompany any program as this is where the real work is done saying, “A lot of progress can be made during therapy sessions, but homework assignments are critical in order for patients to apply these learnings to their everyday lives. That is where the real progress is made, but none of the most commonly available mental health apps include homework assignments”.

At www.ACTforPAIN.com, we have a structured program where mindfulness is but one important component. The foundation is widely acclaimed psychological approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is mentioned in the article.

We offer a step-by-step modular course with an easy to follow manual clearly directing our participants in the key elements of the exploration and discovery of a different way to approach their chronic pain struggle. Yes, and we set assignments for participants after each session. There are no easy tricks or “light switches” to a better life. It requires thought and reflection and commitment but we have team of experts to support every individual passing through it.

Evidence shows, pain becomes less intrusive, anxiety/ mood/ depression improves and so too does sleep. There is ever greater evidence that pain intensity is reduced!