At, we have created in effect a “mini-series” following the lives of 4 people with chronic pain as they go through the pain managment programme.
We follow and learn about the lives of our 4 characters as the programme challenges and asks searching question about the impact that chronic pain has had on their lives. We uncover their emotional journey and their struggle to find new purpose and meaning.
It is a journey of self-discovery, they are asked to identify what is really important to them how can they remain true to the person that they know and want to be and which their chronic pain has eroded.
There are hard truths, difficult choices and self-revelations along the way
The programme is designed to engage anyone with chronic pain. All the characters have a different pain problem but all are struggling at work, at home and work. Most importantly it examines the impact of chronic pain on their relationships. They all have different attitudes to the program- hope, scepticism, curiosity and despair all collide. We are sure you will be able to idenitfy with some or all of their issues, problems and atitudes. By following the program or “mini-series”, we are confident you will find a better life with purpose, direction and empowered by knowledge and practical coping skills. We also think it is simply a good watch!
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