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Research suggests an immunological basis for Fibromyalgia

Date: 04th January 2023 | By: Dr Lourdes Gaspar

JCI – Passive transfer of fibromyalgia symptoms from patients to mice   This was recent paper presented at the Faculty…

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Studies cast doubt on benefit of spinal cord stumlation treatment

Date: 02nd November 2022 | By: Dr Lourdes Gaspar

Two recent studies cast doubt on the benefit of Spinal Cord Stimulation therapy in chronic pain Spinal cord stimulation works…

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Study shows increased risk of chronic pain with NSAIDS use

Date: 07th September 2022 | By: Dr Lourdes Gaspar

  Chronic pain can develop from an acute pain state. The mechanisms mediating the transition from acute to chronic pain…

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Can a Mindfulness program help reduce opioids in long term misuse?

Date: 31st August 2022 | By: Dr Lourdes Gaspar

Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement vs Supportive Group Therapy for Co-occurring Opioid Misuse and Chronic Pain in Primary Care: A Randomized Clinical…

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Chronic pain a story of woe!

Date: 24th August 2022 | By: Dr Lourdes Gaspar

Medicine has failed chronic pain patients. Here’s what they need | Psyche Ideas This article provides a potted history of…

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Evidence grows that mindfulness reduces pain

Date: 10th July 2022 | By: Dr Lourdes Gaspar

This a very interesting study which showed that practising mindfulness can alleviate pain. It was carried out by a research…

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Can Magnesium supplements help in fibromyalgia?

Date: 15th June 2022 | By: Dr Lourdes Gaspar

Short-Term Magnesium Therapy Alleviates Moderate Stress in Patients with Fibromyalgia: A Randomized Double-Blind Clinical Trial – PMC (nih.gov) This is…

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Amputation and Chronic Phantom Pain

Date: 01st June 2022 | By: Dr Lourdes Gaspar

Phantom Pain Symptoms, Causes, Medications, and Treatments (healthline.com) This is a really helpful article explaining phantom sensations and chronic pain…

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Evidence for Subgroups of Fibromyalgia

Date: 11th May 2022 | By: Dr Lourdes Gaspar

To mark National Fibromyalgia awareness day (12th May 22) and raising awareness and information about the condition, we review a…

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Exploring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Date: 30th April 2022 | By: Dr Lourdes Gaspar

What’s So Great About Acceptance and Commitment Therapy? | Psychology Today This is a well written article on how ACT…

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