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Introduction to Modules

To help those dealing with persistent or chronic pain that is having a negative impact on their quality of life, we have devised a comprehensive online pain management programme. It’s an 8 week course that involves over 12 hours of easy-to-follow videos, a range of pain management exercises, extensive worksheets and access to highly experienced pain specialists, the programme can be accessed at any time and is designed to be controlled and managed by you. We call it “Digitally supported self- management”.

The mental strain of living with chronic pain can be just as impactful as the physical burden. The build-up in emotions that comes with trying to cope with relentless pain can magnify the issues you may have and it can become all-encompassing, taking over your life. Our pain management programme aims to alleviate this aspect of dealing with chronic pain through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a widely acclaimed evidence based psychological technique.

Taking part in the ACT for Pain programme you will learn to embrace and cope with the chronic pain you experience on a daily basis so you can still live a life that is true to you. Previous participants who have completed the course say that their day to day functioning and overall activity levels have improved markedly and that their pain now bothers them less.

To give you a better understanding of our pain management programme and what it entails we have provided a session by session breakdown of the course below

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Session 1: Introductions and Treatment Agenda

3 Videos - 60 Minutes

  • Introducing the participants
  • Reviewing your journey so far
  • Introducing the ACT programme and what it involves
  • What is ACT and Mindfulness?
  • Exploring the idea of controlling pain and letting go of trying to control it
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Session 2: Values, behaviour change and mindfulness

3 Videos - 62 Minutes

  • Learning how to begin to identify what is important to you- your values
  • Is it possible to separate yourself from your pain? A strange concept?
  • How even when you are stuck in the struggle with pain, you have choices
  • Exploring the emotional response to pain and how to make changes
  • How mindfulness can help us by raising awareness of traps we fall into
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Session 3: Living well with Chronic Pain

3 Videos - 75 Minutes

  • Letting go of control, how can we do this and what does it look like?
  • Exploring the choices in relation to pain and behaviour
  • Mindfulness, pitfalls and is there a correct way to do it?
  • Choosing not to focus on the pain
  • Willingness to let go of trying to control pain- what this means?
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Session 4: Values and goals

3 Videos - 103 Minutes

  • Understanding acceptance as a willingness to live with a struggle- pain!
  • Identifying values and separating out values and goals
  • Goal-setting, setting SMART goals that are consistent with your values
  • Breaking down goals into manageable steps
  • Mindfulness as a useful tool to move around barriers
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Session 5: Thoughts, urges and feelings

3 Videos - 71 Minutes

  • Awareness of negative thoughts, setting goals in line with values
  • Learning to identify barriers: especially thoughts and feelings
  • Recognising the “Boom and Bust” pattern of life with pain
  • Introducing "pacing", why it's important, and how to do it
  • Awareness of how the mind can get in the way of pacing
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Session 6: Taking action versus planning

3 Videos - 82 Minutes

  • Pacing and exploring this concept further
  • Learning how to adapt action steps and pace them where necessary
  • Recap of many of the issues covered to date
  • Planning for action vs taking action: knowing the difference
  • Recognising internal barriers and learning to take action despite them
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Session 7: Exploring “Willingness”

3 Videos - 103 Minutes

  • Exploring internal barriers further
  • Committing to action in relation to internal barriers
  • Willingness to accept struggles, values direction, overcoming barriers
  • Exploring what we mean by Primary and Secondary suffering
  • Informal mindfulness practise – another perspective
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Session 8: Wrap up, conclusions and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

3 Videos - 85 Minutes

  • Statement of intent
  • Recognising setbacks and how to deal with them
  • Awareness of challenges and moving towards your values
  • Going it alone - how does that feel?
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