How best to reassure chronic pain patients after recent Nice guidance | Chemist+Druggist (

This is an important article dealing with the difficulties the UK NHS faces in delivering on the recent recommendations of the NICE and their recent directive on chronic primary pain, NG193.

This stems from the acknowledgement by the WHO in the ICD-11 of such an entity, i.e., chronic primary pain. Until now, I think it was too easy to dismiss patients with these type of pain problems where it is/ has been difficult to ascribe a specific pain diagnosis.

It indirectly acknowledges the concept of nociplastic pain which was neatly summed up in a recent Lancet publication.

The article highlights the limited value of drugs in chronic primary pain.

Finally, it notes the NICE recommendation which supports the use of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and the difficulties in accessing this type of treatment because of expense and the long waiting times. is an online supported, self-management program that addresses the needs of chronic primary pain and provides easy access at an affordable cost for both individuals and payers of service alike.