chronic pain and dementia

Widespread Pain Raises Risk of Dementia and Stroke — Pain News Network

This article highlights the risk of dementia and stroke and links it to fibromyalgia or chronic widespread pain.

It explains,

“The researchers said there were three possible explanations for the link between pain and cognitive decline. First are lifestyle factors associated with pain, such as reduced physical activity, poor diet, alcohol and weight gain. Second is that stress caused by widespread pain may impair cognitive function; and third is that WSP may be a “preclinical phase” of dementia and AD”.

So it is clearly very important to manage all aspects of fibromyalgia.

Recently the National Institute of Clinical Excellence in the UK set up some guidelines (NG193) which recommended Acceptance and Commitment therapy for chronic primary pain citing fibromyalgia as an example. It may yet be shown that ACT for chronic primay pain conditions such as fibromyalgia has a postive effect on preventing dementia and stroke