How digital pathways are changing healthcare (

This company has been applying digital health technology to gastrointestinal ( GI) disease and rolling it out to patients of the UK NHS.
The team recognises the importance and opportunity of the internet age to bring benefits to many more patients sooner rather than sticking with the traditional face to face consultation as the first point of contact.

They recognise too the emotional and psychological issues around GI illness and this is covered in their app- saying:
“We’re already seeing mental health interventions paving the way in this, because approaches like CBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy lend themselves so well to digital”.

We have embraced these sentiments at and applied this treatment and technology to chronic pain.
There were enormous waits to attend pain clinics globally even before Covid-19. The situation has just got worse!

Supported digital self-management is key to enabling and enhancing prompt and effective patient care.