woman with migraine

How Psychotherapy Can Help With Migraine | Everyday Health

This is and excellent article highlighting the importance of psychological strategies for the management of migraine and chronic pain in general.

It highlights how in a very real organic, neurobiological way we can in effect, change the way the brain works, “rewire” it if you like so that pain becomes more manageable and less intrusive. This is called “Neuroplasticity” in scientific terminology.

It highlights too the practical way in which psyhcological strategies can be applied to bring about the “rewiring”. Central to bringing about change is the concept of “mindfulness”.

The articles touches on the recent research which supports the points and arguments being made. Finally, it sadly explains the difficulties and expense of accessing these pychological treatment strategies.

At ACT for PAIN we have highly experienced team of specialists who have devised an online self-managment program which takes on board all these concepts and addresses all the difficulties of access and produced an easy to follow progam at an affordable price.